Agency for Person’s with Disabilities Attempts to Justify the Hiring of 651 New State Employees


The following inaccurate APD justifications must be considered:


 Cost Plan Review

·       APD states “Since cost plans are reviewed every 12 months rather than twice a year, the Agency believes that caseload can be increased without an adverse impact on services”.


·       Waiver Support Coordinators are currently implementing APD’s Uniform Procedures for Continuing Annual Cost Plans (07/10/07) which allows for a 3 year review process for cost plans with no changes.

·       Cost plans have never been reviewed more than once yearly.   


 Impact on Services

·       APD states that there will be no adverse impact on services



·       Caseloads will increase from 1 to 36 (current) to 1 to 50 (proposed)  (2003 Mercer study determined that a caseload of 1:32 was necessary to insure health and safety of individuals served)

·       The change will result in a tremendous loss of experienced support coordinators who have a wealth of institutional knowledge regarding services to people with developmental disabilities.

·       There will be a loss of continuity of care as individuals are transition to State employees.

·       APD is recommending 1 clerical support staff in each Area with some Areas serving thousands of individuals which will negatively impact the processing of plans for consumers

·       The ratio of 1 supervisor to 10 support coordinators does not provide sufficient oversight to provide quality services.

 Monitoring / Quality Assurance / Accountability

·       APD contends that this change will more effectively monitor services, increase accountability, and provide for uniform practices state-wide.


·       ACHA currently contracts with Delmarva for monitoring of support coordinators to insure quality and uniform practices.   Each SC is currently required by APD to have a management plan which is reviewed and approved by APD and Delmarva.

·       APD currently provides technical assistance to Support Coordinators in areas identified by Delmarva.

·       AHCA currently defines uniform practices with regard to service provision.



·       APD references a void of standardized training as a justification for this change.



·       APD is currently responsible for training of support coordinators.  APD has always and continues to certify and approve trainers and training curriculum for Support Coordinators.

·       APD Area staff are responsible for on-going training needs regarding policy changes, community resources, Medicaid state plan services, etc.


Work Force Issues

·       APD states that employment by the State will provide benefits and a more stable workforce



·       There is currently no indication of an unstable workforce among Support Coordinators

·       Benefits comparable to State benefits are currently available to Support Coordinators