Overview & Purpose of George Andrew website

My Website attempts to provide my clients an overview of the service delivery system for developmental disabilities under the Florida Medicaid Waiver APD program.  It discusses the steps and who does what and several resources available including community and governmental.  It answers many basic questions such as the purpose of the Waiver, choices / decisions, Bill of Rights, guardianship, final planning and legal and medical concerns.  Terms are defined.  PowerPoint presentation and webcast are available to view while other available training is listed. Funding supports is explained and the database to enrolled providers is hyperlinked to improve client choice. Numerous other useful sites and APD and other provider contacts are listed. 

To access helpful information on my site, you may either use the pull down pop out menu system, click on a topic at top or bottom of a given page or you can utilize the alphabetical index or menu system index. You can click on any indexed topic you wish to go directly to the particular topic you desire.

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