This listing is primarily here in Orange, Seminole counties created for my consumers I currently work with.             Home
WSC does not endorse, support or recommend a given activity, company or club below. The intent of this listing
is to promote education, exposure to and allow individual experiences (EEEs created by Delmarva Foundation)
based up goal preferences and self choice. It is hoped that individuals I work with will come away with increased life experiences
that will further enrich their decision making and social skills to gain friendships (natural supports) and greater independence.  

Since there are no guarantees in anything listed below, some of these may involve a certain amount of risk,  hazard or even danger.
ie breaking your leg running etc.  Precaution, training, instruction may be indicated. Certain areas may not be suitable or appropriate
for some individuals given health, age or other factors. Prior to beginning anything below, it would be wise to obtain additional
information about company, club, activity, etc from your family, friends, WSC and / or physician. Remember, not all choices end up
being good ones for you and may even bring about a bad consequence. But some choices you make may bring you closer to reaching
your goals and may expand your opportunities within the community.  So carefully make an informed decision based upon your
preferences and available options. 
RELEASE OF LIABILITY for support coordinator - READ - then select 1 or 2
1. I am legally competent, able to give informed consent, have read the above and understand the risks, and release from George Andrew, support coordinator, any liability directly or indirectly, that may incur if I decide to participate in any of the listed activities, companies or clubs. I understand that this information is for educational purposes and that any decisions I or my guardian or advocate make that results in a negative, harmful or undesired consequence, that any and all liability is released from above support coordinator.   
If you agree to above, click on above link to go to activities, companies and clubs listed.
2. I am not legally competent and/or unable to give informed consent, and/or have not read the above and/or do not understand the possible risks.