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Abuse Registry

Able Trust, under Resources / Community / Organizations menu

American Red Cross

Americans with Disabilities Act ADA

Agency for Persons with Disabililties

Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA)
American Medical Association, search engine

APS Healthcare, under Contacts
Behavior Disorders

Bill of Rights

Center for Autism and Related Disabilities 

Central Florida Down Syndrome Association 

Choice, of Providers (Question 1 & 5), defined, terms

The Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida

Community, under Resources menu


     Natural Supports

     Health related

Community Resources Directory

Consumer Rights
    See Bill of Rights

    See Personal Compass Workbook

Contacts, George Andrew


                    Behavior Support Services, CFGH, CFCI, Devereux Florida Treatment

                    Network, Primrose Ctr, Lynx, Mentor Network, SWOP, Threshold, Quest


                     APD, AHCA, Delmarva Foundation, FL Devel Disab Council

                      Emergency Mgt Seminole / Orange counties

Cost Plan, defined;  approval of see Maximus & APS

Cost Plan Service Plan Guide  (PDF)

Decisions, who makes?

Delmarva Foundation:

    & EEEscontact info.  & Training

Disaster / Emergency Planning, website / videos =Contacts

Doctors, finding via AMA, ORMC, FL Hospital

Education, Exposure, Experience EEEs

     defined,   terms,  also  PowerPoint

Family Care Council and  www.links

Family Cafe,   www.links & Learning Ctr>training

Final Planning

   Health Surragate and form for, DNR order, organ donation, Special needs trust

   Funeral / Burial arrangements, Woodlawn / Dignity Memorial

FL Assoc Support Coordination  A statewide association representing over 1,000 support coordinators.
FL Bar Referral Service, F.S. 393

FL Developmental Disabilities Council

FL Medicaid ACS-Fiscal Agent 

FL Advocacy Center

FL Support Coordinators website, (MW provider resource site)
Florida United For Choice website

F.S. 393

F.S. 744
Funeral Preferences, Burial v Cremation  

Goodwill Industries of Central Florida 


Health organizations

    American Diabetes Association

    American Red Cross of Central FL

    Childrens Medical Services

    Community Health Centers

    Epilepsy Association of Central Florida

    Orange County Medical Clinic

Health & Safety, defined;    PowerPoint =Multimedia
Health Surragate, Designation of:    PDF form   Word form
Hospitals, largest in Orlando area ORMC, FL Hospital
Individual Cost Guidelines,  (ICG) defined;   Purpose of 

Independence, Self-sufficiency, defined

IEP / IPP, Supported Employment, defined

Legal referral, Seminole, Orange, FL Bars


Medicaid recertification, under Resources, Medicare and Medicaid

Medicaid Handbook

Medicaid Services

Medicaid Waiver Application

Medicaid Waiver Program, purpose

Medicaid Waiver Resources for providers and families (another website)
Medicaid Waiver Services

     Approval process, see PSA Guidelines (PDF)

Medicare Equipment Resources link, under Resources Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare Part D, under Resources, Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare Prescription Drug Program Webcast  also listed under Resources, Medicare and Medicaid

    (part D Rx drug program website guide listed)
Multi-media Presentations
National Core Indicators (NCI)

Natural Supports, defined

Orlando Housing Authority
Organ donation process  

Outcome Based, defined

Personal Compass Workbook (PDF)

Person Centered Approach, defined 

Personal Outcome Measures, defined
PowerPoint Presentation 

PSA Guidelines (PDF) 

    Choice, changing

     Identifying providers available (database)

     Assessing quality received from providers > Personal Compass Workbook

QSI - Questionnaire for Situational Information
       - Overview / Adobe Presentation
       - Version 4 actual document

   Community, (lists activities, companies, clubs)


        Natural Supports

        Health related

Resource Notebook

Rights, Bill of

Salvation Army of Orange County 
Special needs trust

Social Security Administration SSA

SSI, under Resources, Social Security

Support Coordination Forms

Supported Employment, defined

Supported Living, defined

Support Plan , defined 

Terms Explained

Voter Registration / Preference & application

    Orange, Semiole county Election websites


   What WSC does



            Support Plan



   What you can do

    What APD does

    What providers do

          Create IPP

          Strategies for success

          Health, Safety, Education, Exposure, Experience



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