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2010 APD reduction proposals 

Here is a TV news story that aired on Orlando WESH Channel 2 news on 3-8-10 about possible APD budget cuts. Discussed how a local SWOP ADT workshop may be impacted by these cuts.



After further research, I located legislative budget proposal doc that stated the following: 

”This option would consolidate and reduce a number of service categories generally regarded as meaningful day activities and in-home maintenance supported in the Home and Community Based Services Waiver. They include adult day treatment, supported employment, supported living, in-home support services, companion, and respite care. This option would require considerable flexibility in how these funds would be utilized. Families and consumers could use their flexibility to direct funds to those services most important to them and hopefully minimize the negative impact of the funding reduction. This option represents nearly an 18 percent reduction of current expenditures in order to fulfill the total target reduction amount for the agency. This option is not recommended by the agency and would likely result in increased utilization of institutional and other congregate care settings at increased cost to the state. If this option is chosen, the agency will attempt to minimize the impact of the reduction through consolidation of service categories as described. This reduction would potentially impact approximately 24,114 consumers receiving these services.” and represents a $20 million dollars reduction in general revenue funds.  

APD’s 9th budget priority out of 9.  Hopefully this will not be adopted since APD does not recommend this.

Total possible reductions by APD is $96 million dollars.




APD has eliminated pharmacy review which is effective 4-1-10.


APD’s second priority is to “Durable and consumable medical equipment is currently purchased at retail market rates. This issue proposes to consolidate purchase of durable and consumable medical equipment through statewide and regional contracts that would be competitively procured. The agency estimates that savings can be achieved by taking advantage of bulk purchasing and the resulting economies of scale. This issue annualizes the Fiscal Year 2009-10 reductions for durable and consumable medical equipment that represented a six month reduction.”


APD’s seventh priority is to “limit Tier 1 expenditures to $120,000 per year, could force individuals to seek institutional care. The agency has proposed allowing greater consumer flexibility over how funds are spent if options to reduce waiver services are adopted. “

Source:  February 9, 2010 APD budget presentation to State of FL Legislative House of Representatives Health Care Appropriations Committee

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