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        What would it be like if FL legislature ever votes APD into managed care > click on   HMO skit. 

Welcome to George J Andrew, MPA Waiver Support Coordinator Web Site.     I provide Medicaid Waiver Case   management services to persons with disabilities.  You can access a variety of resources from the menu system above or click on a linked site that you find useful.  Content on this site is intended to supplement my services in providing additional information and referrals to my existing clients.   Provider or resource listings and links do not constitute any endorsement.  Information provided is subject to change and should be verified by the user as necessary.  I am not accepting new MW clients at this time.
 Contact APD 407 245-0440 for a WSC.  


To advocate and provide person-centered support coordination services to individuals utilizing educational opportunities, exposure to new ideas & and to person-centered experiences (EEE). This will enable successful outcomes in a  cost effective, socially integrated / community inclusive way through use of community resources, natural supports or paid services. These are deemed important to the individual for an informed choice of their wants, hopes and desires. This results in a personal decision that promotes self-sufficiency while upholding their rights.  My strategy is to focus upon: independence, choice, meaningful activities, community participation and educating people to broaden their experiences so they can make more informed decisions to help them reach their dreams and goals. 
                              Go to:      www.FloridaUnitedForChoice.com  and Read my NewsUpdate Section also
                             (grassroots group against managed care for persons with disabilities in FL)

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